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Actress Yvette Nicole Brown Tells Everyone To Practice Those MLK Quotes They’re Sharing All Year Round

Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most influential men in history. His work for people of color and the civil rights movement has earned him a number of well-deserved accolades and honors. One of the most notable is the third Monday of every January, which is officially MLK Day. In the age of social media, MLK day has become an opportunity for us to share quotes, videos, and stories inspired by the man that is loved and respected by many today. Unfortunately for Dr. King, this was not the case during his lifetime. Yvette Nicole Brown took to her social media to remind us that the things Dr. King went through seem to have gotten sanitized in the eyes of Instagram and need to be looked at more honestly as we all share his quotes today.

The “Community” star took to social media to commemorate the Civil rights figurehead with a post aimed that those she feels are not truly representing Martin Luther King Jr. Day the way they should be. “#MLKDay is not a day for you to whitewash the hatefulness you spew and (for some) legislate daily. #WeSeeYou and #WeAreTired” she captioned it. the post was an image saying, “May the MLK quote you post today align with the words & actions you choose over the next 364 days.”

This was one of three posts she shared in honor of Dr. King and his family. In a previous post, she shared an image of him, his wife Coretta Scott King, and their lovely children. “Whatever you do today, please do it in reverence and celebration of this ENTIRE family. The sacrifices they ALL made for the greater good of this country and humanity worldwide can not be quantified.” She continued saying, “Thank you King FAMILY. ❤️✊🏾And if by chance you don’t believe in equal rights, voting rights, or that white supremacy is a MYTH and that systemic racism is a cancer on our society, Keep the great #RevDrMartinLutherKingJr OUT👏🏾YO👏🏾MOUTH👏🏾 and OFF👏🏾YO👏🏾FEED!”

She said what she said, and her followers chimed in with full support. One said “Their struggle is still relevant today and in many countries. This is why we must continue to talk about his life, his texts and make them studied by the young generations. #martinlutherking #rosaparks ❤️”

Another followed up with “Your words are incredibly powerful. Often when we want to make things happen, we make more enemies than friends. And this man paid a high price for it, his life. 💔”

In her third post, Brown shared a picture of Dr. King’s mugshot and a length post from author Nona Jones. In Jones’s post, she reminded people that while we do celebrate Martin Luther King Jr for the things he did, we commemorate his birthday because he was assassinated. “His life was taken at the tender age of 39, leaving behind a wife and four children to mourn the irreparably cavernous void of a husband and father whose very life and work was believed to be a threat to our national security.” She goes on to remind people that Dr. King’s life was not taken because he was loved or revered in his time the way people like to portray it now on social media, but because he was hated and feared. “Before you make that post honoring Dr. King’s legacy and copying/pasting snippets from his I Have A Dream Speech, truly honoring his legacy requires asking the question, what are YOU hated for?” she asked her followers.

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