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Alicia Keys Details Peaceful 11-Year Marriage With Husband

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz continue to inspire couples with their beautiful marriage. The hit-making duo recently celebrated 11 years together, and Alicia has been beaming during the promo run for her new body of work, KEYS. During a conversation with Hoda & Jenna, Alicia talked more about her husband and family and the ways they have managed to keep tension low over the years, revealing that they’ve never raised their voices at one another.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz have been around in the music industry for decades. Many didn’t know that before becoming an item in 2011, Alicia and Swizz actually crossed paths way earlier when they were just starting out. According to Keys, she was not fond of her future husband back during their initial interaction as teens. Alicia, who has always been associated with being humble, and a regular around the way girl, says Beatz turned her off with his audacious personality and affinity for expensive cars and the lavish life. She reportedly found him “annoying” and “ostentatious.”

Love would eventually prevail, and the two would hit it off later in life. Their relationship was not initially met with a lot of support from the public, as it appeared to overlap with Beatz’s marriage to singer Mashonda. Alicia and Swizz pushed forward, however, and now 11 years later share two children and a relationship that so many admire.

Hoda and Jenna commended her for being so humble. Alicia contributes that to having a legacy of experience that has guided her. When asked what fills her heart the most when looking over her life and career, Alicia admits that the pandemic really shifted into the forefront who is really there for her in life. “People that actually truly love you, that’s the gold,” she told them.

The Grammy winner talks about cherishing “pure family” and “pure friendship” as they shift the focus to her husband. Alicia admitted in another interview that she and Swizz Beatz never raised their voices at each other. She attributes this to them really understanding and respecting each other. She does admit that they get angry but that they make it a point to catch it before it gets to a place of explosion. Keys understands that if you wait too long or let anger fester, that it will only get worst. The pair have normalized being able to say “he, I’m feeling like this” whenever a weird energy comes up between them.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz recently commemorated their 11 year anniversary with a 72-hour date. “72 hour date night photo dump,” she captioned the pictures from July 19th. The pair appear in a series of snaps somewhere tropical complete with a massive pool, a helicopter date, some glam moments, and a whole lot of smiling. Last year Alicia and Swizz celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with a beautiful video of them dancing in the desert. “Playing #Supercat on Mars!! Celebrating a DECADE of love!!! 🔥🔥🔥💜💜💜” she captioned the trippy visual.

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