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Angela Simmons and Bow Wow’s History As Friends

The people want to know what the deal is between Angela Simmons and Bow Wow. Their history dates back to when they were teenagers where friends became actual lovers at one point. Although both have moved on, their friendship has remained sturdy over the years. However, fans have begged both parties to consider reigniting the flame between them. Could something actually be brewing between them now? Fans have reason to believe so now, especially after seeing them together at a recent event.

It’s clear that things between Bow Wow and Angela Simmons are extremely copacetic. The evidence could be seen on many occasions, including a semi-recent Instagram Live session where their interaction included a recollection of the first time they met. Their stories may differ, but Bow Wow and Angela Simmons jokingly go back and forth as to how they actually met. According to Bow Wow, Simmons slid in his Twitter dms (she argues against this claim) and shot her shot at the “Ain’t Thinkin’ Bout You” rapper.

Angela Simmons, however, says such is not the case. The reality star claims that she was around 17 or 18 at the time and had a boyfriend when she met Bow Wow. She does admit that she had a “childhood crush” on Bow Wow, and they both agree that she was able to have a phone conversation with him at 15.

They would finallly meet at a Word Up! magazine photoshoot and exchange numbers. It was during a text conversation, according to Angela Simmons, that Bow Wow revealed he was a “wild boy” and wouldn’t be any good for her.

Bow Wow clarified his reasons for saying why he was not a suitable match for Simmons at the time. He recalls explaining to her that he had “never met a woman like her before” at the time. “I was like, you know, ‘Where I’m at in my life right now, I can’t be who you want me to be for you right now,'” the rapper reflects.

Simmons shares to viewers who are tuned in that the friendship between the two is so solid that even during a time that they hated one another, they still kept in contact. And even though their romantic relationship would fluctuate for months at a time, they would keep a consistency among them.

Fans would see a glimpse of Bow Wow and Angela Simmons’ connection when she appeared as his leading lady in the music video for “Shortie Like Mine” in 2006. But even though they dated on and off, they never made it official.

Years later, both of them would be revealed as cast members on Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. The show offered fans a closer look at their relationship, while at times, hinting at possible rekindling. It was on the show where both Simmons and Bow Wow would discuss why they never made it past the dating phase. According to a conversation with Angela Simmons and her mother, Bow Wow was simply “not ready” for a relationship. However, that did not stop her mother from admitting that he was her “favorite.”

Bow Wow also gave his take, stating that “Her morals were kind of different than mine. She was a virgin,” he shared, adding that he was unable to comprehend that. The flame may still be somewhat there between the pair, as both have professed their love for one another. However, they insist they are still just friends.

Fans are aware of both Angela Simmons and Bow Wow’s past relationships (which have brought forth children), and are also aware that the two are currently single. Now that they are both older and in different places in life, it appears Bow Wow may be trying to get that old thing back. Back in September, Bow Wow sent a tweet that mentioned Angela Simmons, letting her know that he’s “not playing” with her anymore. “Wassup? What we doing?” he asks as hopeful fans began to come out of the woodworks.

In recent days, fans noticed Bow Wow in the comments of a photo posted by Simmons to her Instagram Page. The rapper declares that she’s his “everything” along with a blue heart emoji. Immediately, fans flood the comments in support of his statement.

Fans were also treated to an appearance from Angela Simmons as she walked on stage during a recent stop of the Millenium Tour. While Bow Wow performs to her, the stadium erupts when he gets down on one knee and proceeds to serenade her. What do you think of their relationship? Do you think they should remain friends, or do you think they should take it to the next level?

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