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Is Ashanti and Rapper Flo-Rida Dating?

Ashanti’s love life is once again the topic of discussion. The R&B singer has been linked to quite a few other suitable men in the past, as well as the present. Outside of a few confirmed relationships, with her most notable one being with rapper Nelly, Ashanti has had to fend off many rumors as it pertains to who she’s chosen to call her “Baby.” High-profile celebrities from James Harden to DeSean Jackson have all been rumored to be romantically linked to the singer at some point. With all of the names that have been mentioned at some point, there is one that consistently returns at times and that is rapper FloRida. She’s done it before and once again, Ashanti is denying that they’re a couple.

Speculation around Ashanti and the “Right Round” rapper began around his 40th birthday party in 2019 when she was seen in a few photos with him. The rumors intensified again when Ashanti turned 40 in 2020 and spent her birthday in Aruba, and a few other islands in the West Indies. FloRida was seen in videos with Ashanti as she celebrated privately with a few other friends. It was also rumored at the time that the rapper gave Ashanti a whopping $40k in cash for her birthday.

Earlier this year, the rumors came about once again when FloRida posted pictures to his Instagram while on vacation. Noticeably in the pictures, however, were Ashanti as well as her mother and sister. Many fans appeared in the comments suggesting that they were a cute couple and further insinuating that this was the pair’s coming-out moment. Those fans would only be disappointed when Ashanti responded to one of their comments on a post by The Shade Room. In her response, the former Murder Inc. princess clarified that they were all away on a trip to celebrate her sister’s birthday while expressing that FloRida was nothing more than her “brother.”

If you’re wondering whether or not Ashanti and FloRida are dating, she took no hesitations to answer the question on her recent appearance at The Breakfast Club. Historically, Ashanti has maintained extreme privacy as it pertains to her romantic affairs and it does not look like it’s going to stop any time soon. The recent recipient of the “Lady of Soul” honor at the 2021 Soul Train Awards is currently in a relationship with someone that she has been keeping under wraps. “It’s been a really nice, smooth ride,” she assured the show’s hosts.

But if you’re wondering if it’s the Grammy-nominated FloRida, Ashanti emphatically clarified that they are 100% NOT in a relationship. “I’m so glad you brought that up,” an excited Ashanti said after DJ Envy snuck the question in. “Let the people now, Ashanti is not with FloRida.” She bangs the table for effect to place emphasis on her statements. “Be clear,” she continued. “That’s my brother. Me and [FloRida] are super cool.”

Ashanti went on to explain her love for going on vacations and that their families and respective crews are close-knit. The singer also revealed that they’ve been attending one another’s birthday parties for the last ten years. “He’s a good vibe and our teams are so cool,” she clarified. “And he just likes to have fun, and family, and celebrate. I promise you. It has never, ever been anything remotely close to that. Shoutout to [FloRida] that’s my bro. ‘Flo-Flo,’ you know it’s all family,” she insisted.

The singer then speaks on her confusion with people who “run with” their beliefs on various speculations without having tangible or accurate factual information. “That’s bizarre to me!’ she exclaimed. Ashanti then reminds the co-hosts that she has never publicly posted who she’s been dating, save for Nelly. She stressed her reasoning for doing so as being that she loves her privacy, although she’s found out that can be an issue with who she’s dating because “men have feelings.” So for the record, Ashanti is not dating FloRida. And the singer also has a message and reminder for her fans as it pertains to her dating life. “I’m the type of person where I like to keep my stuff low,” Ashanti stated. “So if you see me posting, I’m not dealing with him. Period.”

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