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Jeannie Mai Describes The Kind Of Person She Wants Daughter To Become

Jeannie Mai Jenkins and her husband Jay Wayne “Jeezy” Jenkins are still reeling off being new parents. But, as they slowly but surely reveal further information about their new bundle of joy, one thing is evident: Jeannie Mai will not carry her past on to her child. On one of the latest episodes of The Real, the co-host of the show revealed the gender of their baby and her plans for their future relationship.

News of “Baby Jenkins’s” broke on January 11th when new mom Jeannie Mai Jenkins shared it on social media. “I asked God for a life of love and happiness. He sent me my family,” wrote Jeannie Mai under a photo of a newborn wrapped in a hospital blanket. At the time, no further details about their baby were given.

Finally, on a January 26th episode of The Real, there was a “Baby J update.” Jeannie Mai Jenkins appeared on the show to share the gender of their baby, who was revealed to be named “Monaco Mai Jenkins.” The proud mother affirmed that baby Monaco is a girl to much excitement from her fellow co-hosts. Jeannie Mai then spoke on conversations that they’ve had among one another about potentially bonding with a daughter and all that comes along with it, including “choices of fashion.” “We were shocked because everyone thought it was a boy,” said Jeannie Mai of her and her husband’s reaction to the baby’s gender.  

During the conversation, Jeannie Mai told the viewers that she and Jeezy were unaware of the gender before giving birth but that Monaco was the chosen name. She then expressed her feelings about being a “girl mom.”  

“That’s the part that I’m still just so overwhelmed with, you know?” she said. Jeannie Mai stated that she could not express how many “visions” were created in her head the instant she held Monaco. Instantly, Jeannie Mai said she began to think about her relationship with Mama Mai, her mother, with whom she says she can’t wait for them to build a bond. Being a mother to a daughter also prompted her to think about things she did not learn as an adolescent girl, which now she says she can’t wait to instill in Monaco. 

“There’s just so many reasons why raising a little girl is such an honor to me,” expressed Jeannie Mai. “I would have been happy to have anything but to have Monaco… I can’t tell you. I feel chosen.” An emotional Jeannie Mai Jenkins further stated her excitement to be able to raise a “strong, loving, empathetic, humorous, fashionable, fly little girl.” She better manifest! Monaco has a very “peaceful” personality, according to the new mom.

“She’s not as hyped up as I am,” claims Jeannie Mai, who stated that she takes a more “chill” approach like her father. She also notes that Monaco takes after Jeezy in the looks department, especially in her nose and eyes. Jeannie Mai also revealed that her daughter has “a lot of hair.”  As soon as she met her daughter for the first time, Jeannie Mai states she had an immediate sense of “protection” overwhelm her. Since her birth, Mai claims they have been taking the time to “enjoy” and “get to know” their daughter. Congratulations to the couple!

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