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Kandi Burruss’ 6-Year-Old Son Finds CD, Believes Its A Rarity

Being a reality star already puts all of your business on front street. Singer and businesswoman Kandi Burruss knows all about that, being one of the stars of Real Housewives of Atlanta. We have seen an open door to her family life for the last few years, especially her funny antics with her son Ace Wells Tucker. Taking to Instagram, Kandi shared one of their latest encounters recently. This time, Ace made Kandi feel very old!

At just six years old, Ace Wells Tucker is already a bit of a character on social media. Young Ace already has a budding Youtube channel, “Ace Plays and Giveaways,” that sits at over 16k subscribers and climbing. In one video, Ace cutely asks for people to like and subscribe to his channel as he promises to do giveaways to his “friends.” During his ask, Ace claims the only reason that Kandi gets more traction than him on social media is due to her “using him” in her videos. “So, that’s how she gets more subscribers than us!” exclaimed Ace.

In other videos shared by Kandi, we can see Ace lovingly playing and interacting with his younger sister, Blaze, and his father, Todd Tucker. His Instagram page, @acetucker, is almost at the 500k follower mark. Impressive for a 6-year-old! But Kandi took to Instagram recently to share just how much kids say the darndest things. The legendary Xscape group member and chart-topping songwriter shared that Ace made her “feel old” with his discovery in their house. “He found a CD that somebody had gave me sitting on the shelf,” Kandi explains. With the CD in its case, Kandi states that Ace asked her what it was.

With Kandi coming from the era of cassette tapes and CDs, the Grammy-winning artist expressed that being asked what a CD was already made her “feel old.” Kandi then shares that she explained the CD to her six-year-old, who then opened it in astonishment.   “Ooooh, it looks like a DJ thing,” Ace Wells Tucker smartly surmises. And he would be correct, as DJs used to use CDs at a certain point, which Kandi states as well. Laughing, Kandi then shares Ace’s following statement, which truly made her feel a type of way, agewise, and shocked her.

“THIS IS A RARITY!” exclaimed Ace, as per the songwriter. Unable to contain her laughter, Kandi asked Ace to repeat himself, who again labels the CD in his hands to be a rarity. “I’m going to keep this because this is a rarity!” “He’s talking about the CD!” laughs Kandi. To be clear, although we are in a digital age and CDs have become somewhat of a rarity, some artists are still releasing their albums and projects on CD as well as vinyl. Artists like Doja Cat, Adele, Beyonce, Nas, and Giveon are some who have not only released their albums on digital streaming platforms but on CD as well. Check out Kandi’s recollection of Ace’s discovery below, as well as some other funny moments.

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