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Kanye West Sets New Trend In Rap Music, Rapper NORE Gets Similar Haircut

Kanye West is a trendsetter whether we like it or not. The Donda MC has been inspiring looks and movements for over two decades now. From his pink polos in the early ’00s to his signature glasses from the “Stronger” video. The former Louis Vuitton don has gone on to become a fashion mogul and influencer unlike any other. Case in point, his new hair cut debuted a few weeks ago and already has some of his famous friends rushing to cash in on the fad.

When news broke back in October that Kanye West would be officially changing his name to YE, he decided to commemorate the occasion with an image sporting a new cut. In the pic, the back of Kanye’s head is displayed with a bizarre series of empty patches of hair. No real rhyme or reason to it. He was also sporting a chain with his son Saint’s name on it in the picture. He captioned it.

“Kanye let his kids cut his hair again,” said one fan on Instagram, while another said on twitter, “Yeezy gave North the clippers.” Paparazzi images of him emerging from Miami restaurant Prime 112 also circulated showing off the patchy do at the end of October. Ironically, he was having dinner with Drink Champs host NORE, more on that in a bit. Paps said he seemed happy and in good spirits, but did not explain the haircut. “Everybody going to get this trim now,” predicted some fans on social media. “Watch people start cutting their hair like this now…”

Kanye eventually featured on an episode of Drink Champs and made a series of bizarre statements that confused a lot of people, including his “regrets” about signing Big Sean and John Legend. However, it was the haircut that truly took center stage. He explained it as an ode to mental illness and Britney Spears. “The phobia of mental health, that’s why I did this haircut,’ West told NORE and DJ EFN “The declaration of insanity is a form of control. At first, I called it the Britney. Now they can call it the Ye.”

He is of course referencing Britney Spears infamous meltdown in 2007. The pop princess hit an all time low when she randomly ran into a barbershop and shaved her own head while paparazzi looked on outside. While many mostly made light of it at the time, in recent years people have come to realize that the star was having a manic breakdown.

NORE was clearly inspired by YE and his dedication to his new haircut. So much so he decided to get it too. He reportedly got it right before the Drink Champs episode aired. He posted a clip of him getting the haircut with Kanye’s “Praise God” playing in the background. “Even if you are not ready for the day, it cannot always be night” says the song. As the beat drops you can hear Travis Scott singing “Serve, flex, I do work (work), six, I’m like Mike” while NORE shows off the haircut. “Commitment” he captioned the clip.

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