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Kelly Rowland Reveals She Allowed Her 7-Year-Old Son To Name His Baby Brother

A lot has changed for the Destiny’s Child member. Kelly Rowland found love within the last decade and let it take over. From there, Rowland became the mother of two boys. Her first son was given a mighty name. As for her second child, Rowland shared how he got his name, and it’s so cute!

In 2013, Kelly Rowland became engaged to her manager and husband, Tim Witherspoon. While on rapper and actress Queen Latifah’s talk show, the “Motivation” singer expressed that the pair had been dating for a very long time and decided to keep the information “very low.” However, after a nontraditional “Skype proposal,” Rowland excitedly shared that she accepted Witherspoon’s marriage offer. “He really is my best friend,” she said to Latifah.

The couple chose to get married in a small ceremony held in Costa Rica in May of 2014. Then a month later, Rowland announced that she was going to be a mother on her Instagram page. “I’ll be stuntin like my daddy,” the singer and actress captioned a photo with two pairs of Air Jordans. One pair was significantly smaller than the other, insinuating that she was pregnant.

Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon became “proud parents” to their first son, Titan Jewell Witherspoon, on November 4, 2014. The name Titan means “defender” in Greek, and according to the singer, her husband came up with the name for their son. Rowland shared with E! News that she both “pushed” and “carried” the baby, and she’s also “changing” and “dressing” him. Because of this, she gave the responsibility of naming their child to Witherspoon. However, if she disapproved, she says, “I would have told him to change it until we got it right.”

Then, in 2020, both Kelly Rowland, who was almost 40 at the time and her husband would learn they would be blessed with another child again. Rowland made the announcement by being the cover story of the Woman’s Health November issue. Their second child, Noah Jon Witherspoon, was born on January 21, 2021.  Rowland told Billboard that Noah’s birth was a “peaceful experience,” given the pandemic. The singer also recalled bringing Noah home to meet his big brother, Titan, describing it as an “awesome” time. “Titan actually feels like Noah is his baby, not mine,” she said.

Noah’s story is even more adorable if you thought that Tim naming Titan was cute. Kelly Rowland made a recent appearance on The Nick Cannon Show, where she revealed that Titan gave Noah his name.   “I let Titan name his baby brother because he was so excited when we told him,” Rowland said. However, she shared that Titan “clenched his chest” when his parents told him that he would be a big brother. Kelly also revealed that she randomly thought of a name three days prior to Titan telling her the name Noah which means “rest” in Hebrew. Check out the interview below. 

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