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Porsha Williams Debuts Brand New Car

Porsha Williams is on her way to becoming the new Mrs. Simon Guobadia. The usual tradition is that brides receive “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” As Williams approaches her wedding date, she was just gifted a luxurious Rolls Royce from her fiancee. However, some fans have pointed out similarities in her gift to Guobadia’s ex-wife. So, did Simon Guobadia give his soon-to-be bride something old, new, or borrowed?

Ever since Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia got engaged in May of 2021, they haven’t been able to shake rumors and speculations, especially from fans on social media. Of course, the fact that Simon Guobadia had just divorced his ex-wife, Falynn Pina, just one month before becoming engaged to the Porsha’s Family Matters star did not help at all. This is one thing that fans, for sure, can’t seem to let go of, even though it appears that everyone in her circle has. 

Despite rumors that Porsha Williams was the cause of their split, Falynn Pina states otherwise. In a sit-down interview that Pina had with pop culture and media personality Adam Newell, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star mentioned that she does not blame Williams for the demise of her marriage. Instead, Pina blames both herself and her former husband. “He’s to blame. I am to blame. And that is all,” she said. But her words did not, in any way, quell social media’s appetite for entertaining gossip.

Neither did the reality star’s RHOA spin-off series, Porsha’s Family Matters. Fans have placed Williams under intense backlash as the show has finished its inaugural season. Many fans claim that Williams has been depicted as her true self, and words such as “manipulative” and “selfish” were thrown out following the series.

However, it appears that Porsha is doing her best to remain unbothered in her new life. Recently, Williams shared with US Weekly that they have settled on their wedding date, and it will more than likely consist of three celebrations. Williams did not reveal much of the wedding details but noted that they would more than likely be kept “personal” and held in Atlanta, Nigeria, and their Costa Rica home. As she presses on to the wedding date(s), the new couple has decided to live together. Porsha Williams’s mother, Diane, now occupies the home where the former Dish Nation star lived while she begins to settle in with Guobadia.

The new life changes for Porsha Williams continue with the latest gift from her boo. Taking to Instagram recently, Williams showed off a slide of photos containing a Rolls Royce Ghost, valued at over $300k. Williams and Guobadia can also be seen hugged up in one of the photos atop the car’s hood, while other pictures show Porsha posing next to the vehicle. In the captions of the photos, Williams thanks her “hubby” for the car. Concurrently, Guobadia uploaded pictures to his social media showing off a pair of “his and hers” Rolls Royce Ghosts.

But some fans noticed a similarity in Guobadia’s choice of gifts. Old photos of Falynn’s similar Rolls Royce resurfaced on social media from fans, with them insinuating that Porsha was regifted Falynn’s car. However, Simon took to social media to upload proof that it was indeed a brand new gift. Peep the photos below.

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