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Rapper Ye Doesn’t Want Daughter On TikTok

Kanye West recently sat down with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked to discuss the status of his relationship with Kim Kardashian. The estranged couple recently got divorced, and while some signs pointed to a peaceful split, things seem to have soured as they’ve been trying to figure out their co-parenting situation. West is used to having the internet talking, but this time he wants to set the record straight as it pertains to his parenting and relationship with his children. Especially, he wants Kim to know he is not happy with North West’s TikTok shenanigans.

Kanye and Kim appear to not be on speaking terms. According to him, he has been fighting for someone in his family to help him meditate since Kim has not been responding to him. West wants to communicate to her that he does not like to be kept from his kids and that he wants some say in what his eldest, North West, posts online.

North is currently on TikTok and shares her account with mom Kim. Their page already boasts 53 million likes and growing. Amongst the content North shares, there are videos of her dancing, showing off her braces, and playing with her cats. In some videos, 8-year-old North can be seen sporting makeup.

For Christmas, she posted a clip of her in reindeer-inspired makeup while miming to a clip from the holiday classic The Grinch. In another, she and mom take off their makeup in reverse, revealing matching red and black looks possibly inspired by Halloween. The account is called @kimandnorth, and it says in its bio, “Me and my bestie 💋 Managed by an adult.” North only follows eight people, and her most-watched video is a clip of her mom and her siblings bopping their heads to “Earth Invader” by Lohenhiem. The video currently has 49.1 million views.

North joins a growing list of celebrity kids currently taking over the video app. This includes r&b singer Brandy and record producer Robert “Big Bert” Smith’s daughter Sy’rai Smith who frequently posts videos of herself singing and modeling. LeBron James’ son Bronny James has also been running up the likes on videos of him and dad tackling popular trends and sharing their love of basketball.

In his interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Kanye West reveals he is unhappy with his daughter using makeup without his permission. Kanye feels that Kim is trying to provoke him into a public outburst, so she is refusing to communicate with him. To make matters worst, his daughter North told him he is not allowed in the house and that Kim’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, is already living there.

West desire to do the interview stems from an incident where he was not allowed into his children’s school. He claimed security stopped him at the door. Kanye says that growing up, when his mother relocated to Chicago from Atlanta, his father did not come due to his career. West is determined to not repeat this mistake and really wants to be in his kids’ lives, even purchasing a home nearby so that they can go back and forth between their parents comfortably.

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