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Rick Ross Breaks Down How To Become A Boss

Rick Ross continues to drop gems on fans looking to “boss up” like him. The Miami hip-hop legend has been really pushing to spread the knowledge this year and has not been shy about offering advice every chance he gets. Between his book, interviews and new music, he is letting people in a little more on his mindset as a business man and mogul and hoping to inspire future bosses. According to Ross, it takes a lot more than just having some money in the bank.

In a video posted to social media, Rick Ross explains a common misconception amongst those looking to become bosses. According to him, many people can acquire large sums of money. However, it requires something much deeper to be considered a boss. Ross can be seen somewhere beautiful and sunny sporting a red hoodie and smoking. He tells the camera “Having money don’t make you a boss, you understand? A boss is [someone] that can lead.” He doubled down again saying “Once again like I said, getting a little bit of money don’t make you a boss. Getting money just means you came up.”

Ross goes on to explain that there is a difference between “you came up” and being a boss. “You got to understand I done seen [people] get 7 figure licks. Spend a million dollars in 6 months. That don’t make you a boss.” “Triple that, come back. When you triple that, i’ll give you that boss induction.”  

Gossip and Hip-Hop account The Hip-Hop Wolf posted a screen recording off the clip saying “Rick Ross says being a boss is about leadership, not “having money”… agree or disagree??” in the caption. While some agreed, others took the time to clown Ross in the comments for stealing his name and for not paying his label signees like Meek Mill and Wale.

Rick Ross has been big on passing along the knowledge in recent years. Earlier in 2021 he dropped “The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide to Building Your Empire”. The book is described as “a captivating and inspiring guide to building an untouchable empire from mud to marble, no matter what obstacles stand in the way.” He also recently sat down with the guys of Earn Your Leisure where he discussed more tips to becoming a boss and gave them a glimpse at his massive Atlanta estate which boasts the largest private pool in the United States.

Ross also went viral earlier in the year after gifting his 16 year old son a Wing Stop location for his birthday. During his talk with Earn Your Leisure, he says that his son has always been mature and understanding of what his father does. The gift was a reward and way to give his son responsibility. The hosts commended him calling it “mentorship on a whole other level” and saying that what he did was gift his son an asset that will benefit him down the line. Ross agreed and said he feels that young men need guidance and good examples. They need to be shown how to properly run a business so that they can go on and do the same. He also lets his son listen in on business calls and asks for his input on things so that he can get his mind going early about how businesses are run.

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