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Soulja Boy Officially First Rapper To Ever Receive An Apology From Kanye West

There is a long list of people that Kanye West has no doubt offended throughout his very storied, and oft-times controversial career. What has not happened often, publicly, is Kanye West admitting that he is wrong or apologizing. This is not to say that the rapper/producer/businessman has not done so. West has been embroiled in quite a few feuds within his career, with the most recent being with Drake. He’s also riled up a few folks with his comments, some of them being people that he’s been close with. But a recent “change of heart” was just revealed on social media that one of his feuds has been extinguished for now. His feud with another boisterous rapper, Soulja Boy, ended thanks to a recent apology. According to Soulja Boy, he’s the first rapper to receive an apology from Kanye West.

August 2021 started a wildfire between Big Draco and Yeezy after it was revealed that he was removed from the DONDA song “Remote Control.” A very confused-turned-irate Soulja Boy was shocked to find out that he was not on the song when the album was released and took to social media to release his ire. On a live stream, Soulja unleashed a fiery, expletive-laden rant against Kanye West, while also insulting his estranged wife Kim Kardashian West. He also uploaded a video to social media that played his intended verse for the song.

Soulja Boy would also reveal a text message conversation between himself and Kanye West in which Ye appeared to love and approve of his addition to “Remote Control”. In a separate appearance on DJ Akademik’s podcast Off The Record, Soulja Boy shared more messages with Kanye that were filled with apparent “gassing”.

Kanye West only added fuel to the fire when on his recent Drink Champs appearance he spoke on the Soulja Boy debacle. Albeit, he did admit to the “She Make It Clap” rapper being one of the influential and innovative rappers of our time. But when N.O.R.E. asked Ye for his reason as to why Soulja Boy was taken off of the record, his response drew gut-filled laughter from the room. “You ain’t hear that verse?” he said.

Thankfully now, all is love between the two rappers. According to a tweet posted on November 10 by Soulja Boy, they’re good now. A text message thread between the rappers was then shared to social media that showed Ye apologizing to Soulja Boy, “Yo It’s Ye. Love you bro,” he wrote adding, “I should have told you I wasn’t gonna use the verse.” The message also showed Soulja Boy responding that he also loved Kanye, adding “That’s all I wanted.” With that, Soulja Boy then boastfully declared on Twitter, “I was the first rapper to get an apology from Kanye West,” along with a laughing emoji.

Soulja Boy made a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club where he further explained why he was upset at Kanye. According to the rapper, he felt as though his work and its process were disrespected, but after speaking with Ye and having a bit more understanding and grace for the rapper, he was able to accept him. “When it comes to Kanye, it be all over the place,” said Soulja. “After we spoke I just felt like, ‘Oh okay, he don’t mean no harm. This didn’t come from a place of ill intent.’”

For Soulja, he also expressed that Ye should adopt a better style of communication so that this particular situation will not occur again. He then shared that he would be open to potentially working with Kanye West in the future on a different collaboration.

Kanye has also been in the news lately for extending an olive branch to Drake, with whom he’s still feuding. In a video uploaded to social media, Kanye can be seen standing next to J. Prince as he invites Drake to join him on December 7th for a joint performance. The show would be held in Los Angeles with its “ultimate purpose being to free Larry Hoover.” So far, no response has been given by Drake.

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