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Tracee Ellis Ross, 47 Says She’s Choicefully Single, Happily and Gloriously Single

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross has played the role of a wife, a girlfriend, a mother, and a fiancee. But in real life, she is none of the above. In fact, according to the Black-ish actress, she’s “happily single” and unashamed of it. Tracee Ellis Ross has been the apple of many eyes from her hilarious personality to her stunning looks. And, who could forget that body! Ever since appearing on our television screens as “Joan Clayton” on Girlfriends, the daughter of Diana Ross has caught the attention of many. But the 49-year-old actress is in no rush to give herself away to anyone unless it is right.

Tracee Ellis Ross was one of Oprah Winfrey’s guests during her 2020 Vision Tour, and she expressed where she’s at in her life with relationships. Winfrey expressed that many single women look to Ross as a shining example of what a graceful single (or unmarried) woman should look like. A laughing Tracee Ellis Ross revealed that was not the “role” she imagined for herself growing up.

“I, like many of us, was taught to grow up dreaming of my wedding. Not of my life,” the award-winning actress said. “And, I spent many years dreaming of my wedding and waiting to be chosen.” Her comments drew many reactions from those in the audience who could relate to her, including that of Oprah Winfrey. “Say it again! PREACH TO THE CHOIR!” Winfrey emphatically utters. “Well, here’s the thing,” Ross adds. “I’m the chooser. And, I can choose to get married if I want to.” With Tracee Ellis Ross choosing her own destiny rather than the programming that many women are faced with as children, she expressed that she is in a great place currently. In the meantime and between time of possibly finding a romantic life partner, Tracee Ellis Ross shared this powerful statement. “I am choicefully single. Happily, gloriously single.”

Tracee hasn’t always been single, however. In the past, she’s dated Akon’s brother and former Def Jam executive, Abou “Bu” Thiam. Bu is also currently manager to Kanye West. With Tracee Ellis Ross being an extremely private woman, it appears the public wouldn’t have known until a 2016 Breakfast Club interview with Bu would reveal their split. During the conversation with the show’s co-hosts, Thiam shares that he and Tracee Ellis Ross will be “lovers forever” as their bond was unbreakable, although they were no longer in a relationship. “Me and her have this genuine, unconditional relationship,” he said. “Anybody that comes in my life, they have to know that and vice versa with her.”

Bu also shared that no other woman that he’s ever dated comes close to the actress in comparison. “Not to discredit all the other girls, because I’ve been with some good females in my life,” he made sure to clarify. “She has to be one of the most unconditional, loving, spirited people.” It was also recently rumored that she was romantically linked to Kenya Barris, but those speculations have not been confirmed by either party.

Despite the public wanting to know who she is dating, Tracee Ellis Ross continues to remain private in her affairs. That was not the first time she expressed that she was happily single. She spoke to ABC News in 2017 and shared that because she was born into such a public family, she has learned to keep certain things sacred, such as relationships. For her, it wasn’t a thing where she decided that “I will never talk about my relationships or anything like that. That’s certainly not a decision that I’ve made or anything like that,” she said, “but there are certain things that are sacred to met are not for public consumption. They are mine.”

Tracee Ellis Ross may be single without children, but her siblings all have had children. Her oldest sister, Rhonda, has a son named Raif. Her brother, Ross, has two children as well. Younger sister Chudney has two daughters, Callaway and Everlee, and her brother, Evan, also has two children. Their names are Jagger Snow and Ziggy. She also has a stepsister, Leona Naess, with whom she is very close. Naess also has two children.

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