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Van Hunt Refuse Questions About Relationship With Halle Berry

Halle Berry has been one of Hollywood’s most desired women for over three decades. It is safe to say the Oscar winner is officially off the market yet again and enjoying the spoils of new love with Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Van Hunt. Hunt and Berry are not shy about their romance either, sharing pictures and videos of them on vacation getting cozy. They even hit fans with a fake-out engagement post at the top of the year. While Hunt is not scared to big up his love for the socials, he recently had to check a nosy interviewer who refused to focus on the music during their chat.

Hunt stopped by the DomNatiShow earlier this week. Hosted by celebrity publicist Domenick Nati, Hunt seemed prepared to discuss all things related to the song “Automatic Woman” that he penned with H.E.R for Halle Berry’s Bruised soundtrack. Unfortunately, Nati was more focused on getting a scoop on Hunt’s high-profile girlfriend.  He immediately jumped into Hunt’s relationship with Berry, asking, “How did you guys meet? How did this start?”  “That part I won’t go into. I’m just glad we met. Never thought it was possible to begin a relationship at 50,” said Hunt with a smile. “It’s going really well. That’s all I can say. The rest of it is pretty easy to follow on her site and my site. I’m here to talk about this [song] Automatic Woman.”

This collaboration has been years in the making according to Berry, who has been a fan of H.E.R’s since her debut single “Focus.” Berry loved the song so much she shared the entire record in a three-part IG story back in 2016. Since then, she has been pulling inspiration from the songstress and jumped at the opportunity to connect her with Van to pen a song for her directorial debut on Netflix.

Speaking on the record “Automatic Woman,” H.E.R told Billboard last month, “I was so moved by ‘No matter what happens, I’m going to make it through.’ The idea of perseverance and, like, pushing through, fighting through all those things you have to tell yourself to be able to fight through. If you’re looking in the mirror and you’re really trying to get it together, what do you tell yourself?”

Despite the interesting story behind the record, Nati had only one focus. “You’ve dated other actresses in the past before Halle?” he asked a visibly confused Van. “You can google that too,” responded Van, committed to staying on topic.

Nati then shifted his focus to a post from earlier this month that made many think Van and Berry had eloped or gotten engaged on New Year’s Day. In the picture, you can see Berry and Van at the end of what appears to be an alter. Holding hands and sharing a kiss, Berry captioned it “well… IT’S OFFICIAL!” In the second image the two pose it up closer to the lens, sharing smiles with “Its 2022” written on the photo. “You guys did a prank saying you was engaged?” asked Nati. Van responded, “It was not a prank. We was just teasing.”

While Nati kept his focus squarely on Berry and if Hunt planned to marry, the professional artist made sure to constantly circle back to his song with H.E.R and its potential Oscar nomination. Hunt joked that he and Berry would consider a wedding if “Automatic Woman” scored an Oscar nomination for best song. This would mark H.E.R’s second time in a year being nominated for this honor. She took the trophy home last year for “Fight For You” off the soundtrack of “Judas and the Black Messiah.” If they are nominated and win, it will be a first for a black female artist. Berry is also shortlisted for best actress and best director noms.

“Everything goes back to ‘Automatic Woman!'” joked Nati before jumping back to relationship questions asking, “do you and Halle live together?” He followed this up with, “How long did you wait till you moved in together!?” Hunt, at this point, began to lose his composure, saying, “ain’t nobody is asking you about Automatic Woman, a song I produced with H.E.R?” Nati clarified, saying that fans were asking both questions about the song and Hunt and Berry’s relationship before asking, “are you uncomfortable talking about your relationship with Halle? Is it ok to ask questions regarding that as well?”

Van, at the end of his patience, reminded Nati that facts on the couples union could be found on their social media accounts where they document their love affair. Since it was an IG live, you could see fans in the comments supporting Van and trying to help the interviewer stay on the topic despite the uncomfortable focus on Berry.

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