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“We’re Still Friends”: Kim Coles Reveals Living Single Cast Has A Text Message Group

Kim Coles has the distinct honor of being on two beloved series, In Living Color and Living Single. The established comedian recently sat down with ET’s Leading Ladies of the ’90s to discuss her iconic run on both shows and a lot of the behind the scenes things that fans did not know. Most importantly, she discusses who she is still close with after all these years.

Kim Coles starred on one season of In Living Color. During which time she gave us such great sketches as the “Hey Mon” family, “Substitute Teacher” and “Love Connection” with Jim Carrey. She eventually was axed from the show, citing Keenan Wayans desire to position sister Kim Wayans as the breakout female comic of the series.

Kim Coles would eventually go on to land the role of Synclaire on Living Single, a series that would go on to lay the ground work for NBC juggernaut Friends. The show was created by Yvette Lee Bowser, and centered around a group of friends living in New York City. It was a break-though show that helped showcase African-Americans in a new light during an already progressive era in television that gave us Martin and It’s a Different World.

Coles starred opposite Queen Latifah in the series. It ran for 5 season on the Fox Network. She explained how the show was a much better experience than her time on In Living Color. Due to that being a family show, she often fell on the ousts. However, with Living Single, they were able to forge a relationship that has stood the test of the time. In fact, she revealed that they have a text thread today and keep in touch.

“We stay in touch, and there is an epic text thread that is the cast and Yvette. And we experience love and births and deaths and marriage and inside jokes and its almost like when something good is happening in our lives we come there and share it with each other first before the rest of the world finds out. So we’re still friends.” She goes on to say that “the love is real” amongst them.

When asked if Living Single will be coming back for a reboot of any sort, she says “I’ve been neither contacted nor contracted.” She feels like if someone put it together she would definitely say yes, however it is important to get everyone on the same page. She expresses her full desire to do it only if the script is right and everyone is taken care of properly. “Maybe behind the scenes there’s some forces happening to make that happen.”

Discussing why the show ended, Coles said the network hired a new president who was eager to move away from all the black programming that helped build up Fox in the early ’90s. Coles said this sent her into a period of depression because she was no longer able to work with her friends. She got help and therapy and eventually found her happiness again.

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